Trachusa byssina

Trachusa byssina

Postby nicovereecken on 07 Jul 2008, 12:33

Dear all,

Just a short introduction message and a batch of photos I have made recently during a visit in a population of Trachusa byssina in southern Belgium. This bee is a relative of anthidiines, yet it nests underground and uses freshly excised leaf fragments as cell lining. The fragments are then filled in with resin collected by the females on nearby trees. I have managed to make photos of the females with the nesting material at a time when they had just initiated their nest construction.

Looking forward to sharing more observations with all of you,

Cheers Nico

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Re: Trachusa byssina

Postby jorgemotalmeida on 07 Jul 2008, 13:17

it seems a domesticated BEE. :d ehehe
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Re: Trachusa byssina

Postby Darek Ogrodnik on 29 Nov 2017, 17:18

Beautiful photos :D
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