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Postby Eckart Stolle on 26 Sep 2008, 12:19

Welcome in the HymIS Forum, Willkommen im HymIS Forum

Please feel welcome to post your questions or answer to questions of others. Please use english or german language if possible (at least a short description of the locality and date).
Before u make a posting please note this:

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In order to be recognized as "non-spam",

- Please choose a meaningful username which can be distinguished from random letters or "spamnames".
- Please use a "1" in front of your username, this makes it ALOT easier to manage the huge list of newly registered users and to filter out the real one from the Spam ones. U can easily change it after your activation.
- Furthermore, there is the field "registration check", which has to be filled out. Please put in "HymIs"

We apologize for the inconvenience and delays, but otherwise, at the moment, we cannot handle the amount of Spam accounts and distinguish your account from them. If you do not follow this it is likely that your account will not be activated and deleted.


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:arrow: Avatar: max 25k, min 20x20px, max 80x80px
:arrow: Attachments: max 200K, max 3 attachments per post, max 1024x768px, it automatically gets displayed as a thumbnail linking to the image in a new window

:arrow: Location and Time: if u ask for an identification of a picture please provide some additional information about where and when the picture was taken (e.g. "East Germany, Elbe River near Magdeburg, August 2006")
:arrow: Identifications: Please be aware that many species of bees and wasps cannot be identified down to a species with a picture only. Differences between some genera or species are very often minute and not visible on pictures because resolution is too low, the angle of the shot is not adequate or such... We do our best, but often we can only say a genus or subfamily for certain, goin further would be too speculative and therefore contraproductive.
:arrow: careful ID: Feel free to provide an identification for a picture. But please be careful about it. If you are not 100% sure please write so (e.g. "cf."), and if you only have some opinions/suggestions for possible IDs please make that clear enough. We just want to circumvent misunderstandings and wrong impressions - but discussions are welcome.
:arrow: Change of Post-Title: If you got your picture identfied, please change the title of the postings. That will make further searching more easy (e.g. before: "unknown hymenoptera", changed "Sphecodes spec." or "Ichneumonidae, Cryptinae" or "Tachysphex cf. pompiliformis"). Thanks!

HymIS admins:
Dr. Christian Schmid-Egger - expert for aculeate wasps, especially Pompilidae, Sphecidae/Crabronidae, Apidae, working on faunistics and taxonomy in Europe, for some groups whole Palaearctis and Africa.
Dipl. Biol. Eckart Stolle - working as a PhD student on functional genomics and population genetics in social hymenoptera (mostly honeybees and bumble bees), >10 years expertise in middle-european aculeate wasps (mostly faunistics, ecology and conservation)

:!: some email-adresses are banned because of significant amount of spam. If you use such an email-Adress make a guest-posting so that ur adress can be excluded.
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Re: Forum Info

Postby Eckart Stolle on 28 May 2012, 12:53

the registration has been changed a little again. see above.
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Re: Forum Info

Postby Thijsdegraaf on 08 Jan 2018, 10:18

Hello Eckart,
I often refer to the Hymis forum for parasitic wasps on the Dutch forum 'Waarneming'. But I often hear that the registration isn't easy.
In 2012 in Jorgen Ravoet gave the advice to mail to Christian Schmid-Egger.
I gave this advice to Paul Hoekstra (admin of Waarneming). He wrote, that he had done everything as described here, but that he did not succeed. He had also e-mailed Christian, but received no answer. What can he do now?
You can find our conservation on
Unfortunately in Dutch.

Best regards,
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