Arge cyanocrocea?

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Arge cyanocrocea?

Postby jeanl on 20 Jan 2009, 13:19

Brussels, July 14th
25 Arge cyanocrocea  8 mm.JPG
this one on August 7th, 8mm
25 Arge cyanocrocea 45.jpg
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Re: Arge cyanocrocea?

Postby JoséLuis on 21 Jan 2009, 15:54

It seems to be that in this forum, only I answer you consult of Symphyta. I want to report to him that I am not any expert, only I give him my opinion.
This is not A. cyanocrocea I believe that it is more near to A. melanochroa. Regards. José Luis.

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