unknown ichneumon ?

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unknown ichneumon ?

Postby agaspar on 02 Nov 2008, 02:08

Minute insect (about 4mm), I'm not even sure it is a wasp. Taken in November, Lisbon.

Joaquim Gaspar

Re: unknown ichneumon ?

Postby Camille Thirion on 03 Nov 2008, 19:37

Perhaps Braconidae??? :roll:
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Re: unknown ichneumon ?

Postby Robert Nash on 04 Nov 2008, 17:58

For me too - Braconidae Slainte Robert
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Re: unknown ichneumon ?

Postby Eckart Stolle on 18 Jan 2009, 13:47

May we use your picture(s) for our gallery here in HymIS? (Dont know if i already asked). Of course its properly credited.

Cheers & Thanks already!
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