When should I burn the brumble so not to kill bees?

When should I burn the brumble so not to kill bees?

Postby rafael_carbonell on 24 Sep 2017, 22:58

As some bees make nest in the stems of bramble (blackberry bush) and other plants, the owner of the countryhouse where I live asked me which period would be better to take them out as some bushes and small trees are invading the fields and decreasing its surface.
I told him not to burn all of them at the same period, to leave some areas without cleaning, ... but as he wants to rent a shredder (better than burning) it's a bit more expensive doing that way that "in pieces"
Of course the best solution would be to put all the branches and brumble together in a hole and let it descompose, ...
As fas as I know the bees as a group that use holes in brumble they use it all the year, isn't it?
is there any good idea to prevent killing adults or nests of bees?
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