Recent Catalogs Of The Insects of Southwest Asia

Recent Catalogs Of The Insects of Southwest Asia

Postby Anthony Daglio on 22 Apr 2015, 03:35

Here are links to a few excellent catalogs of many Insect orders from the faunal regions of Southwests Asia.

1.) Kocak, A.O., & M. Kemal (2010) Pterygot Insects Of Afghanistan: A Tentative Synonymic List Of The Species Known From Afghanistan (Results Of The Entomofauna Of The World, Based Upon The Info-systems Of The Cesa): ... pplement19

2.) Kocak, A.O., (2014) List Of 23,773 Pterygot Species In Turkey Based Upon The Info-system Of The Cesa: ... pplement32

3.) Kemal, M., Kocak, A.O., & Kilic,S., (2014) Illustrated And Annotated List On The Entomofauna Of Goren Mount (Van Province, East Turkey) With Ecological Remarks 1.: ... pplement33

4.) Kocak, A.O., & M. Kemal (2015) Initial Results Of The Entomofauna Of Southwests Asia, Based Upon The Information System Of The Cesa (Excluding Lepidoptera): ... pplement35

5.) Kocak, A.O., & Kemal, M., (2010) Results Of The Entomofauna Of The World Based Upon Info-systems Of The Cesa: ... pplement18
(This catalog contains comprehensive lists of the orders & species of many countries worldwide).
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