[NEEDED] Fauna USSR - Hymenoptera p. 2 (english translation)

[NEEDED] Fauna USSR - Hymenoptera p. 2 (english translation)

Postby Prionyx on 19 Jan 2015, 13:03


I am searching for english translation of key for some Hymenoptera
superfamilies (Bethyloidea, Chalcidoidea, Proctotrupoidea,
Ceraphronoidea) printed in 1978 in Leningrad. Autor of original
publication was Miedviediev.

Russian book was translated by J. Brill in 1988 with title Keys to the
Insects of the European Part of the USSR 3: Hymenoptera, Part 2. This
is the book I am searching for. Is anyone able to send me a copy of
this book, or just few parts of it that I need most?

Best regards.
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Re: [NEEDED] Fauna USSR - Hymenoptera p. 2 (english translation)

Postby Anthony Daglio on 22 Apr 2015, 02:13

I wish I could help! I do not have a copy of that book but if you ever do receive a copy, I would like to request a pdf copy of the keys to the social Vespidae i.e. Polistes, Vespula, Vespa, and Dolichovespula. I would love to see that key in english as it would be highly useful. A tranaslated copy of Nick Kurzenkos (1995) key to the Social Vespidae of the Rusian Far eat would be of great use as well. I hope you get to find an english copy of Fauna USSR as I consider it to be of good use.

If you do recieve an english copy I would love to have a pdf of the Social vespidae section. You can reach me by email@:anthonydaglio88@yahoo.com

Here are links to books on Russian Hymenoptera for anyone interested:

1.) Medvedev (1978) A Key To The Insects From The European Part Of The U.S.S.R. Vol.3, Part 6, (Hymenoptera Symphata): http://www.academia.edu/11444348/Medved ... l.3_Part_6

2.) Lehr (1995) A Key To The Insects From The Far East Of Russia Vol.4, Part 1,(Neurouptera; Mecoptera; Hymenoptera): http://www.academia.edu/11444759/Lehr_1 ... o.4_Part_1

3.) Lelej (2012) Annotated Catalog Of The Insects Of The Russian Far East Vol.1 (Hymenoptera): http://www.academia.edu/11445423/Lelej_ ... menoptera_
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