Unknow sp. 2 - ID help

Unknow sp. 2 - ID help

Postby pern71 on 25 Apr 2013, 20:00

Hi, I know the resolution of the photo is bad, but is it possible to say something of this sp.?
Photo from southern Sweden, end of august.

Thanks in advance!
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This appears to belong

Postby chalcidbear on 25 Apr 2013, 22:58

to the family Ichneumonidae, but I can't say beyond that.

Your previous picture (Unknown sp. 1) is PROBABLY an ichneumonid as well, but I can't be positive. Too bad, because it has some really interesting legs.
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Re: Unknow sp. 2 - ID help

Postby Eckart Stolle on 10 Jun 2013, 21:09

Looks like a Ophion spec to me. There a few species only with such yellowish colouration
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Re: Unknow sp. 2 - ID help

Postby Camille Thirion on 16 Jul 2013, 19:56

Not Ophion for me....petiole, abdomen?????
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