Sweden: Chalcidoidea

Sweden: Chalcidoidea

Postby Tarsiger on 06 May 2017, 17:59

Body 2 mm. Is it possible to tell genus and spieces of this Chalcidodea'?
Photos from 5 May 2015 Skällsjön 62 N, E 17 Ångermanland, Sweden.

Thanks for your help in advance

Kurt Holmqvist
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Re: Sweden: Chalcidoidea

Postby chalcidbear on 07 May 2017, 18:01

I can't tell you anything definitive, other than it is almost certainly the family Pteromalidae. It looks like the stigmal and postmarginal are both short and of equal length, a character that is found in the common genus Dibrachys (plus other genera as well).
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