Unknown Ichneumonidae female

Unknown Ichneumonidae female

Postby Isidro on 29 Dec 2017, 11:18

Please help ID! Thanks!

Location: Guara mountains, NE Spain
Date: 7th July 2007
Size: About 20 mm

Resting on a wall in village area, mediterranean mountain climate
Somebody suggested the id of Wroughtonia spinator, long years ago, but I'm very unsure of this... I see too many differences...
Wroughtonia spinator (7-7-07 Sierra de Guara).jpg
Wroughtonia spinator 4 (7-7-07 Sierra de Guara).jpg
Wroughtonia spinator 3 (7-7-07 Sierra de Guara).jpg
Wroughtonia spinator 2 (7-7-07 Sierra de Guara).jpg
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Re: Unknown Ichneumonidae female

Postby Camille Thirion on 29 Dec 2017, 19:59

Ichneumonidae perhaps Cryptinae, not Braconidae Helconinae!
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