Braconidae(?) from North Germany

Braconidae(?) from North Germany

Postby Marc T on 10 Sep 2017, 14:35

Hi together,

this braconid(?) wasp I've found on Sept., 1st 2017 in Schenefeld, close to Hamburg/northern Germany. Specimen was rather small, bodyside (without ovipositor) I guess about 8mm. (The membranous sternites are a character for Braconidae, right?)
Although it might be hard: any chance to go a bit further than family-level?

Thanks in advance,

Marc T
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Re: Braconidae(?) from North Germany

Postby Lennart Bendixen on 10 Sep 2017, 16:46

Looks more like Pimplinae...
Lennart Bendixen
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