GE1438 Tycherus ophtalmicus F Southern Norway

GE1438 Tycherus ophtalmicus F Southern Norway

Postby Gunnar on 05 Mar 2017, 16:34

For more pictures of this female Tycherus ophtalmicus see:

It is 6,0 mm long and handpicked on Angelica sylvestris 29/7-2016.
It is a bit smaller (may be because of the upright petiolus) than the size for this one both in Perkins and Ratsnitsyn (6,5 - 8 mm).
I have even got another female that is almost 1 mm shorter, that have the same carinae on coxae 3, and elevated occipital carina just before mandible base.
May be I will have to wait for a revision of Tycherus and Phaeogenes before a conclusion on especially the smaller one (not posted yet).
GE1438 Tycherus ophtamicus hofter under redusert.jpg
GE1438 Tycherus ophtamicus redusert.jpg
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