Braconidae (Glyptomorpha-Vipio...?)

Braconidae (Glyptomorpha-Vipio...?)

Postby Isidro on 03 Mar 2017, 15:40

I've found this fabulous insect at the end of May in the mediterranean steppes of NE Spain.
Somebody identified me as Glyptomorpha sp. I tought that it was in this forum, but since I can't find the topic, probably it was in another site.
I've found that fortunately there are only four species of Glyptomorpha in Spain. I've tried to find info to differenciate them. But I only got the fact that G. pectoralis is well known and widely photographed while the other species G. gracilis, G. formidabilis and G. sicula are virtually unknown.
But I also found, between the images of G. pectoralis this link:
Here an individual tentatively identified first as Glyptomorpha pectoralis was corrected and identified as Vipio nomioides.
The image of this link is virtually identical to my specimen. The oviscapt is as long as the rest of the body, it have blac hind tibiae and tarsi, and a black patch in the underside of the thorax. While Glyptomorpha pectoralis seems to have an oviscapt much longer than the rest of the body, orange hind tibiae and tarsi and no black patch in the "breast".
So, I guess that my image is indeed a Vipio sp. and not a Glyptomorpha sp?
If so, there would be a chance to identify it based on morphology, phenology, distribution and/or habitat or even probability by abundance?
Iberian species of genus Vipio are: Vipio appellator, V. falcoi, V. humerator, V. illusor, V. intermedius, V. longicauda, V. tentator and V. terrefactor.
Please I need help! Thanks!
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Re: Braconidae (Glyptomorpha-Vipio...?)

Postby Isidro on 05 Mar 2017, 09:13

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