GE1466 Hemiteles similis F Southern Norway

GE1466 Hemiteles similis F Southern Norway

Postby Gunnar on 16 Feb 2017, 22:13

You will find more pictures of this female Hemiteles similis (Cryptinae, Phygadeuontini, Hemitelina) in the Norwegian Artsobservarsjoner:

It is 4 mm long and handpicked from a window inside a cabin.

I attach a drawing from Townes of another Hemiteles-species, Hemiteles bipunctator (very similar but with red parts on thorax and gaster).

I guess that Hemiteles is in need of revision, but black thorax and gaster should be similis according to Schwarz on a previous post on this site.
GE1466 Hemiteles similis redusert 2.jpg
Hemiteles bipunctator tegning Townes.jpg
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