Aritranis F director (Cryptinae), Southern Norway

Aritranis F director (Cryptinae), Southern Norway

Postby Gunnar on 12 Mar 2016, 22:26

I posted this one and seven more pictures on the Norwegian Artsobservasjoner today:

It was collected on a calcareous dry meadow 15/7-2014 near the sea, Southern Norway. It is 7,9 mm long.
I have used both Townes 1969, Horstmann 1990 and different Schwarz-articles from Biologiezentrum Linz.

If Schwarz does not agree with my conclusion I will be very happy for comments on this one.
I have one earlier post GE237 that is similar to this one; that one is also (in my opinion) a female Aritranis director collected on a dry calcareous meadow near the Oslofjord.
GE833 Aritranis director redusert.jpg
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