Andrena cf. Simandrena --> Andrena (Chrysandrena) hesperia

Andrena cf. Simandrena --> Andrena (Chrysandrena) hesperia

Postby rafael_carbonell on 02 Feb 2018, 19:55

Male drowning in a pool (and that’s why it got wet and the hair bands are unclear), April the 14th, 2017. Iberian Peninsula: Catalonia: Girona: Beuda, 380 masl. Body length: 8 mm. Sex: male (scopa absent both at tibiae and under the gaster).

I think it must be Simandrena. The most relevant characteristic i the face with whitish hairs on the upper part of face and below head and temples, but with brown hairs at the bottom of face and clypeus and labrum sides.

Determination to genus following BWARS Book, 2012, and approach to Simandrena subgenus following Patiny & Terzo, 2010 (for Belgium) and Osycknyuk 1978 (for European part of USSR) and the latter for an approach to species level. Is not Andrena lepida as i.e. the antennal segments dimensions are very different; not Andrena combinata nor A. dorsata as the face hairs should be completely black. Could it be Andrena propinqua? Or A. antigana? (I could not get the original description of these two species, but is probable looking their geographical distribution).

A complete description a full resolution picture can be found here:
Andrena antigana 20170414 m MTm.jpg
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