Request for pictures

Request for pictures

Postby Libor on 21 Apr 2017, 08:40

Dear friends and colleagues! My museum plans to publish a popular book about insects of our region. I am searching for some pictures, but we have no funds to pay for photos.... Please, if you have any pictures of Bombus barbutellus, campestris, confusus, humilis, jonellus, semenoviellus, veteranus, wurflenii, Polistes albellus (=helveticus=bischoffi s. lat.), biglumis, Dolichovespula adulterina, omissa, media, norwegica which should be published free (of course, with the name of the photographer), I would highly appreciate their sending on my e-mail address "lib.dvorak[at]". Pictures should be from the nature as well as of pinned specimens.
With many thanks for your help
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