UAE, Bembix?

UAE, Bembix?

Postby Pristurus on 12 Apr 2017, 21:26

gefunden am 2017-03-02 im Al Marmoum Conservation Reserve, Emirat Dubai bei einem freistehenden Busch in der Sandwüste. Ist das eine Bembix?
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Re: UAE, Bembix?

Postby piros on 13 Apr 2017, 21:13

Looks more like Tachytes or Tachysphex.
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Re: UAE, Bembix?

Postby Christian on 18 Apr 2017, 14:23

Tachysphex for sure, maybe Tachysphex brevipecten Beaumont, but a true species identifcation is not possible fore me.

We already published a paper about Tachysphex from UAE, I may send by email.

Please, ask via christian at

Best wishes, Christian
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