Nomada sp. female (quite large, 13mm), 26/05/2016

Nomada sp. female (quite large, 13mm), 26/05/2016

Postby ThorstenR on 27 May 2016, 16:14

Dear Forum,

this Nomada is large, about 13mm, found on Cotoneaster sp., garden, northern upper rhine rift, Southwest Germany, Hessen, 26.05.2016.
I dare to show this, because I have that view of the face at least...what do you think about N. succincta in this case?
By the way, I found this page interesting:
I have read the discussion for example in this thread and the statement of you, Christian, in it. And of course photo-determination is impossible, as it is in most cases of Nomada. But I have no other possibility to determine such a bee. Within six years of observation in my garden I saw this kind of Nomada just once, yesterday. In field, with the bee, as usual, acting fastly and restlessly in sunlight, I, personally, cannot get better pics. Nearby an Andrena was visiting the blossoms, that "could" be A. nitida.
Probably, the only way for me to handle such cases, is to leave these animals alone, being just happy about there occurance and to observe them...and stopping to care about which species they belong to :).
Thanks a lot for taking a look at this, best regards, Thorsten
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