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Image sizes

Postby BeeWolf on 14 Sep 2008, 07:52

Working on the basis of my experience of I have been down sizing my phots to just under 600 pixels width, but they seem to look pretty small here. Is the size of the image I upload relevent, or are all the photos contracted to a set size, and could this be a bit bigger?

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Re: Image sizes

Postby corzon on 14 Sep 2008, 20:38

I tried to upload files that were too big several times. If you do that, you get an error message with maximum allowable size! Very handy. If I recall well, max size is 1024 x 768 pixels (? I'm not entirely sure about the 1024), 175 K. So you can make your photo's somewhat bigger... The error message is much more informative than on!
Thanks for your attention!

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Re: Image sizes

Postby Eckart Stolle on 17 Sep 2008, 19:06

max file size is now at 175K, 3attachment per post, 1024x768px. if u upload it here as an attachment it automatically gets displayed as a thumbnail linking to the image in a new window. so size is no real problem there.

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