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Postby Cuckoo Wasp on 22 Mar 2009, 04:00

Hi Everyone,

I am just a hobbyist. I have loved bugs ever since I was a kid! The only time I get to go out "in the field" is just when I go birding with a couple of groups. I spend time with some PhD's and assist them with Bird Walks & Bat Walks.
I used to keep a large collection of Arachnids (~11 years ago). I raised all kinds of Lepidoptera at that time too (livestock mailed to me from other hobbyists).
Recently, I've been desperately seeking specimens of colorful Hymenoptera. I'm currently looking for things like Ruby Tailed Wasp (Chrysis pseudobrevitarsis), large/colorful/tropical wasps etc.
If there is anyone who is willing to sell a few papered specimens to me, I would really appreciate it. Many people have offered to sell ~100-150 specimens at a time - I only need less than 10 specimens! I am in the USA, please e-mail me at, if you have a few extra specimens you would be willing to sell me. I have a PayPal account.

Thank you!


Alfonso Milano
Cuckoo Wasp

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