New forum regarding the nature of the Guianas

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New forum regarding the nature of the Guianas

Postby Scarabaeoid on 30 Jul 2014, 07:08

Hello all,

Because there appeared to be a need for an online meeting point for people interested in the nature of the Guianas (to get identifications, to meet other people etc.) I have decided to create a forum for this purpose:
I just finished creating the lay-out and writing an introduction and would like to invite you all to have a look and possibly post something. It is mainly an English language forum, but contributions in Dutch and French are welcome too. I’ve tried to explain everything about this forum in the forums topmost message.

I would like to emphasize that although there is an overlap between and this new forum, I think these forums are mostly complementary. is good for wasps and their allies (and I will redirect people to here) while the new forum will hopefully help people getting other species from the Guianas identified.

I hope to see you soon at! And if you like it, please forward this message to people who you think may be interested too.

Best regards,

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